Clapping is not enough!

One million people work in "system-relevant" professions throughout Austria. 65% of them are women and most of them are migrants. These are professions with poor pay and high psychological and physical stress. Much was applauded at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, but their achievements are neither politically nor socially recognized, let alone financially fairly rewarded. They demand fundamental change, recognition and upgrading: clapping is not enough! Luna Al-Mousli has interviewed and Clara Berlinski has illustrated those people who have been most challenged since the beginning of the pandemic and have now reached the edge of their capacities. The book was published by Leykam Verlag with expert contributions by: Soma Ahmad, İnci Ardıç, Barbara Blaha, Mirjam Hall, Solmaz Khorsand, Brigitte Theißl and Vina Yung. 

Photos © Niko Havranek