Eyes On - We Are Here

"Where are you from?", they ask me, not "Where do you feel comfortable?". They don't ask me about my present, they ask me about my past. After a past over which I had no influence.
"We Are Here" portrays 45 young people in places that have special meaning for them. The exhibition accompanying the book, which opened on 29.10.2016 at magdasHOTEL, shows selected photographs and tells the stories of young Viennese people who have one thing in common: they were or are START Vienna scholarship holders. The book accompanying the exhibition was created on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of START-Vienna this year and has a clear message: It is often not easy for scholarship holders to define themselves as Viennese, but we are all Vienna. And this is our city!

During the exhibition talk, some of the protagonists told us about their special places and invited us to discover their Vienna. With the postcards that were produced for the exhibition, this invitation should go all over the world.

The book "Wir sind hier." was produced in collaboration with Marie-Christine Gollner-Schmid and Katrin Triebswetter.

"We are here." is an exhibition in the framework of eyes on - month of photography.
Photos: © Katrin Triebswetter