Das Blut der Angewandten

On the 13th and 14th of June 2013 students form University of applied arts Vienna organized a blood-donation-drive “Die Angewandte blutet”. The magazine “Das Blut der Angewandten” consists of a documentation of this two-day long blood-donation-event, and deals with blood in a scientific, political, poetic and humorous manner. We collected works of students and invited people to write about “blood”.   The first part of the magazine ›Venenblut‹, focuses on blood literally. Here the reader finds critical reports and scientific articles on what runs through our veins. The second part, ›Herzblut‹, takes on lifeblood in a metaphorical sense. Through visual essays and illustrations the reader learns about blood and its many facets. Adding to that, three interviews with people who received, worked or dealt with blood in a personal way, were made.       “Das Blut der Angewandten” was produced as a limited edition and released at the  end-of-the-year-exhibition of the university.
Made in collaboration with Jasmin Roth