Wir sind hier

We Are Here portrays young people in places that have a special meaning for them and tells their stories. Stories that also paint a picture of Vienna, a big city, that is new in this form. For it is not only the big stories, the prominent places and people and - often enough - the clichés that make up a city and make it comprehensible. In particular, it is the small stories of the people who live here. These stories and the feelings associated with them are what define us. And give meaning to the places where we move. This is where We Are Here comes in. Which place has a special meaning for you? What past do you and this place have, what present, what future? We asked the students of START Vienna these questions. The result is a special travel companion. Because in small anecdotes and portraits, the young people not only tell their own stories. They tell stories about belonging, recognition and identity. But above all, they tell the story of a present-day city. A present that is all too often faded out - in favor of the past or, more rarely, the future. In short, they give us an insight into what could be learned if we asked the right questions. 

Photos © Marie Christine Gollner-Schmid. 

In collaboration with Marie Christine Gollner-Schmid and Katrin Triebswetter.