The Wall

The concrete stands for a home, a street, a house.
The Arabic script, a script with which we identify, which gives us safety, security and love. Under the shadow of events in the West, people began to associate Arabic culture, writing and language with the frightening. Fear controls people's vision as soon as they see someone with Arabic symbols or characters, although they can neither read nor understand it.

The fear of the unknown.
The fear of the foreign.
The fear of the different.

We decided to use the following 3 Arabic sayings that deal with fear phenomena:

"People fear the unknown." Ali ibn Abi Taleb 1300
"Fear does not prevent one from dying, but from living" Nagib Mahfouz 1905
"Fear is the worst advisor of man" Abd Al Rahman Al Kawakibi 1878

Possibly what you see is strange, but it could be yourself.

This work was created while participating in the EU-Art Network Symposium at the Cselley Mill in Oslip, in cooperation with Marwa Sarah.